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The San Jose Police Chaplaincy Program is 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization. The program does not fall under the police department or the city of San Jose in any way. The program is funded by Officer’s donations and donations from community members. The San Jose Police Chaplains serve the department in many ways; listed below is a list of some of the services provided by the chaplains.


The chaplains ride with officers on routine patrol on various shifts to encourage and support them in their duties.


The Chaplains support the spouses of Officers and their children and families with both work and family related issues.


The chaplains assist with death notifications when requested by department members.


The chaplains partner with SJPD’s Crisis Management Unit and assist with O.I.S Debriefings and work with police officers to assist in any kind of crisis situation where the presence of a chaplain might help. The chaplains counsel department members in response to stress or family crisis problems upon request. Any communication with a chaplain is privileged and confidential between the department member and chaplain involved.


The chaplains provided a spouse, family, and significant other academy. This is done to introduce the family members of new officers to the police department and help them understand some of the things their loved ones will be experiencing.


We have volunteer Community Chaplains that are local ministers. They take turns being on call for 24 hour shifts. They are available to help meet the needs of the community that come up. For example some of the things they have been called out for are: baby deaths, sit with a person that has just lost a spouse, or to help console people after a fatal traffic accident.


The chaplains attend and support all department functions, such as promotion ceremonies, academy graduations, police memorials, and retirement functions.


The chaplains keep in communication with department members as much as possible. They attend briefings, tour the detective bureau, and write articles for SJPD’s weekly newsletter titled “The Insider.”


The chaplains visit injured officers in the hospital and at home to support them and their family.

Your financial gift with the chaplaincy is fully tax deductible.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and our Tax ID number is 94-2734173.